as you might know i’m currently studying “styling”, and we were assigned to design a concept for a pop up store, inside our school. we had to come up with a concept, and then we would create it. we wouldn’t actually sell any products of course, it would be just for show.

i’m very pleased to announce that my concept was chosen, which means that out of my project group, consisting of eight classmates, my concept would be elaborated. we worked very hard, and i’m very, very happy with the final results.

my concept was a wellness/beauty store, where everything is black. this means black toothpaste, black shampoo, black perfume and so on. we were especially focused on products that seem very unusual when colored black, such as toilet paper and sunscreen. because it’s an assignment for the subject “visual merchandise”, the styling of the store was very much the main focus, which is why we took it very seriously and we put a lot of effort into accessorizing the space.

please take a look at the results (these photo’s are taken by loes van reijmersdal)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

i want to thank lisa van schaik, marleen beijers, loes van reijmersdal, renske wijnen, elizabeth muriel, maartje smits and neeltje spierings for their hard work and dedication for this project.


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