Interviewed by lsansl

hi everybody,

so i got this amazing opportunity to share some things about myself and my opinions by being interviewed!

if you want to check it out, please click here and send this amazing person some love ~


Tell us something about yourself. What makes you, you?
When people ask me to introduce myself, I often find myself having a hard time. Not to sound like a philosopher on LSD, but knowing who you are is quite a difficult thing. “Luca” is the name I go by from day to day. “Milo” is what I’m known as on Facebook and with a particular group of friends. Call for “Nosferatu Necromancer”, and you’ll meet me again, as an aspiring artist who likes to explore the different aspects of the art scene. And if you require for “Glen Jamie Daniels”, you will find me dressed in a short skirt, paired with a bondage harness, high heels and latex gloves, out partying at an underground rave, or posing as an alternative model.

to read the rest please click here



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