who am i even

By Ork Fotografie



i’m 19 years old, and i live in the netherlands. i’m currently studying allround styling, and i already know that’s not really what I want to do in my life. obviously that doesn’t mean i’m not learning anything from it, because it’s a very interesting study and my internships have learned me so much about the fashion world, and also about art, and people in general.

“fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.” – alexander mcqueen

i’m an intersectional feminist, and for those who don’t spend half of their lives on the internet i will explain to you what that means. i believe everybody is equal. that’s it. so whether you are a male of colour, a trans woman, an intersex person with green hair, a prostitute, i believe everybody should have the same rights and be treated with the same respect. i also think, because we still don’t live in a world where everyone acknowledges that, we need to put a little more effort into groups that need a bit more of our attention. i’m talking about less privileged groups. we aren’t all white, cis, male and straight. so especially genderqueer people, gays and lesbians, asexual people, transgenders, women, disabled people, people of color or any group that has a little more to deal with, should be looked out for.

“it is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.” – emma watson

i personally don’t like to label my style, since i feel like i would restrict my creativity by doing so, because everything you do and wear should conform to that particular style. i guess it’s fair to say that my style is quite alternative. when I wake up in the morning, i never think “let’s make a statement today”. if I do so in the process, that’s fine, but it’s not my main goal. i wear what i like, and i like what i wear, and i’ve let go of the opinions of others on it. i’m not wearing clothes to impress or scare people. i often hear people say ‘i wear a mask, because i want to keep people at distance’. this is not the case for me at all. i would rather call my style ‘a filter’, because it does keep ignorant, close-minded people at distance and that’s a blessing.

“style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” – orson welles

i’m not sure what greatness is waiting for me in the future. i sometimes find it really difficult to predict what my life will be like in ten, or even five years. and then I realize it all doesn’t really matter. life is a journey, and as cheesy as it sounds, there are always obstacles in your way that you could never have predicted. i’d like to go to art school, and study Illustration. I could become a tattoo artist. i’d like to go study philosophy and become a writer. i’d like to go travel the world and make art. but who knows, maybe i’ll end up doing something completely different. if you plan too much ahead, you’re only restricting yourself and stressing yourself out. all I wish for myself in the future is for me to be happy and healthy, and good at what i’m doing, whatever that might be.

“i knew who i was this morning, but i’ve changed a few times since then.” – lewis carrol

i don’t really believe in blindly following one religion. religions are created by mankind, and reflect the world in a very human way. if i had to choose i’d probably call myself a laveyan satanist, because non-theistic satanism stands for individuality and hedonism. but i do not agree with every single part, and that’s okay. i’d like to call myself a solitary eclectic witch, because i identify myself with a lot of different religions, from all over the world (celtic paganism, african voodoo, native american shamanism, and even a dash of wicca). also since i’m not the most social person, i feel a lot stronger on my own, so that’s where the “solitary” part comes from. i don’t really believe in a human-like god or goddess, i would rather say the whole world is ruled by spirits and energies, and we call those “nature”.

“i break away from all conventions that do not lead to my earthly success and happiness” – anton szandor lavey