acting pretty in front of a lens


if you’re a photographer or another type of artist who’s looking for a different subject than the typical fashion model, i might be interested in working with you. there’s a few things you should know:

      • my sizes can be found here
      • i have a lot of self-harm scars everywhere, especially on my arms, hips and thighs. they’re very apparent, and yes you could erase them with photoshop, but i personally think you might as well make it part of the art work.
      • i don’t do nude, but i will consider suggested nude if i feel like it benefits the artwork in an artistic (perhaps sexual) way. i personally think the sexualization of female nipples is absolute bullshit so topless is usually no problem for me.
      • this honey doesn’t work for free, at least my travel expenses will have to be paid for and further compensation depends on the assignment. if you’re a student i might consider working for free to stimulate the arts and your education. most of the money i earn by modeling goes towards the funding of my cover-up tattoos, since i want to tattoo over my self-harm scars, so i guess you could also consider it a donation. you can find my rates here.

If you want to see me first, you can ask to see me on Skype first. If preferred I can only wear a bra and shorts so you can check if my body type fits your ideas. I will not do any sexual acts and I will never take my bra or shorts off. I’m not a cam girl, so if you’re looking for that you might want to head over to a different platform. For cam castings I charge €25 for my time, which should be deposited beforehand. I need to see your website or portfolio first so I can see if I want to work with you at all and whether you are actually a photographer.

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  1. Fashion
  2. Lingerie
  3. Portrait
  4. Fetish
  5. Art Nude
By Peter Zephir