if ur a real perv…

if you’re a bit of a kinky person and you have certain fetishes you’d like me to perform in a photoshoot, i might be interested. a thing to know is that i don’t do nude, or pornographic shoots. but if you’re into balloons, latex or high heels for example, we might be able to figure something out!

if i will do a custom shoot specially just for you, that’s obviously not something i will do for free. i will need to arrange a photographer etc. and also benefit from it myself. usually i will need to receive about €400, in money and/or goods. you see, if you’d like to see me wear 18cm stripper heels and a leather corset, you can pick out exactly the ones you like, and send them to me, so i can shoot with them and then keep them as payment. so if the shoes and the corset were for example worth €250 together, you’re still expected to paypal me the other €150, so together it’s €400.

you can contact me if you’re interested, and there’s no need to be shy about your kinks. i’m very open-minded, and if something is a little bit too much for me, i’ll just tell you i won’t do it, with no judgement. this is a kink-positive space!

By YZ-StudioFoto